Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Israel NewTech

Israel NewTech was founded on the belief that the Israeli water and renewable energy sectors have the talent and capability to...

    תחרות גרין טן, הרשויות הירוקות 2021

    Agricultural Products

    Agricultural Products

    Israel has begun exporting agricultural products to the United Arab Emirates

    A historic peace agreement was recently signed between the two countries. Israel was granted a formal permit to export fresh agricultural products to...

    The 4th “Avocado is King” International Conference to convene in Israel, in June 2021

    Global demand for avocados is rising, and growing areasaround the world, especially for the Hass variety, are expanding.  After our highly...

    Has a solution been found to the devastating tomato virus ToBRFV?

    The world’s vegetable breeders, Enza Zaden, Announced that she had found a, solution for tomato growers to beat the devastating Tomato...

    Chilean avocados arrive in Australia and Israeli avocados arrive in Japan

    Global demand for avocados is growing, with growing areas mainly for ace variety expanding

    ‏The World date Congress

    ‏The World date Congress offers a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and get a broader understanding of the vision of...

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