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    Cleantech 2021 – Your greatest opportunity to meet the world’s leading innovation and decision makers in water technologies, renewable energy and recycling

    14-15 | June | 2021

    Exhibition complexes | Professional conferences | Business networking

    Join the 12,000 participants from all corners of the market:
    Distributors, integrators, decision makers, municipal decision makers, retailers, wholesalers, importers, influencers and in short everyone … make new connections and discover all the technological innovations and developments that will give you a marketing advantage in all areas. Don’t stay out!

    Business Networking – A quiet and comfortable sitting area with calmed ambiance and perfect conditions for a rare personal and unofficial meeting between you and who might be your next client or partner.
    Seize the opportunity!

    Professional Conferences – Exclusive area for focused meetings, updates, lectures, workshops, discussions, guided panels and free  dialog for defined agriculture  topics across a carefully arranged and planned schedule.

    Showcase Rooms – Huge, air-conditioned halls with hundreds of displays of advanced technologies, developments, automation, equipment, methods and innovations

    Clean Tech Conference

    What investors are looking for within AG Tech & Cleantech entrepreneurs?

    How, when and from who can you raise capital, whether to issue or sell, and how to properly build a growth company – Venture capital managers will answer the burning questions of Agtech and Cleantech at Mashov Group’s affiliate conference, taking place in June – the leading media of Green Economy.

    How to build and to nurture growth aboard? how will global shortage of food and water will affect the globe?

    Those are just part of the questions that will be answered by seniors of the Venture Capital. This is the ultimate meeting for manufacturers, researchers, investors, academics, buyers, and decision makers representatives of international businesses.

    Israel – central meeting point​

    Israel – The central meeting point of the Agriculture and CleanTech Industry in Europe, Asia and Africa

    The geographical Location of our exhibitions – in the middle of the three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa – makes it an international magnet for companies to expose their products and services to international costumers and trades, and for buyers to create new commercial contacts.
    We, at Mashov Group, provide you the perfect solution by organizing our exhibition in Israel – creating one Exhibition that brings together exhibitors from all around the world.

    Who will be our Country of Honor?

    Each year Mashov Group declares one country as “Country of honor” as part of our international point of view.

    Who will it be this year? Maybe your country?

    If you wish to be the next Country of honor please contact us, and the sooner the better – there will be only one country of honor!

    The Mtch conference will be held in June by Agromashov 2021. 

    Click here to visit the conference site

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