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The 4th “Avocado is King” International Conference to convene in Israel, in June 2021

Global demand for avocados is rising, and growing areasaround the world, especially for the Hass variety, are expanding. 

After our highly successful previous conferences, we at the Feedback Group expect attendance to double with representatives from about 20 countries. 

In recent years, as part of the global health trend, avocados have enjoyed the status of one of the healthiest fruits in the world, and, as stated before, demand has boomed and the avocado has become one of the most profitable and stable crops. 

Convened every two years, this “Avocado is King”International Conference is the 4th conference organized by the Mashov Group, scheduled to take place in June 16, 2021.

This conference will focus on “Strategic Assessment for the Avocado Industry 2021 – A Look at the Next Decade”, featuring discussions, scenarios and lectures on strategic issues considered imperative to the avocado industry. we will endeavor to form a forecast of the challenges and opportunities for the upcoming decade on four levels:  

The international arena 

New strains and studies 

Product branding, and

Avocado Marketing challenges

the conference will be attended by: Leading breeders, marketers, dietitians, researchers, instructors and senior executives. 

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